About London Drinks.
Our journey in the drinks business started over 20 years ago. From an opportunity to source and sell Nigerian drinks to a local nearby restaurant to supplying several outlets around; one box became several boxes and then several pallets.
Who we are.
We have since evolved from just Nigerian drinks (including a period of being the sole Uk distributor for Nigerian Breweries Products), to stocking and selling all kinds of drinks from all over the world.

We stock various Spirits, Champagnes, Wines, Beers, Ciders and SoftDrinks. We also source rare drinks for our clients.

We are always driven by the need to achieve ‘that’ customer Satisfaction. Hotels, Michelin-starred Restaurants, Offices, Events, Parties and General public… we aim to please all. Online customers are just as valued as those that walk into our outlets for Drinks & food.